To prepare for class on:
Jan. 21
Please complete survey about your experience in this course. Your responses are anonymous, and I appreciate your feedback.
Jan. 14-21
Work on country presentations using this presentation as a template.
Tues., Jan. 12
Please check the Cambodia page of the wiki (in menu bar at left) for homework assignment.
Fri., Jan. 8
Complete reading homework on Vietnam from class handout and then use links on Vietnam wiki page (in menu bar at left) for links to take notes on main players in Vietnam conflict.
Wed., Jan. 6
Read Chapter 1 of Confucius Lives Next Door and complete chart on back page of video handout given to you in class:
Thurs., Dec. 17
Study for unit test on Japanese history. Review sheet -
Tues., Dec. 15
Read selections from wartime diaries of ordinary Japanese during WWII.
Fri., Dec. 11
Read selections from When My Name Was Keoko and answer reading questions.
Wed., Dec. 9
Mon., Dec. 7
Read handout about Commodore Perry and explore the encounter from Japanese and American perspectives through art. Please see the Japan page of the wiki for the links for the assignment.
Thurs., Dec. 3
Read article about Japanese history and be prepared for a reading quiz.
Tues., Nov. 24
No homework. Enjoy the holiday!
Fri., Nov. 20
Read a current events article about President Obama's visit to China and add a current events post to your wiki page.
Wed., Nov. 18
Read role cards/review work on current issues in China in preparation for graded discussion on US policy options regarding China.
Mon., Nov. 16
Please read and respond to the information about Tibet handed out in class. Live links in this document -
Thurs., Nov. 12
Be ready to share your environment presentation with the class.
Mon., Nov. 9
Complete work with partner on assigned environmental issue in China.
Thurs., Nov. 5
Complete reading packet and questions about modern China.
Tues., Nov. 3
No homework.
Fri., Oct. 30
Read about a current event in Asia and post a summary and analysis of the story on your current events page. Highlight all text from entry and make it purple.
Wed., Oct. 28
Study for unit test on modern Chinese history.
Monday, Oct. 26
Finish reading chapters from Jan Wong's book, Red China Blues.
Thurs., Oct. 22
• Read the China under Deng Xiaopeng handout, highlighting any questions.
• Read the BBC News article on the Tiananmen Square uprising for an overview.
• Begin reading excerpts from Jan Wong’s book, Red China Blues – chapters should be completed for Monday’s class.
Tues., Oct. 20 class
1. Please finish the film, To Live. (Pick up at Chapter 12)
2. After you finish the film, complete the ½ page reflection handout.
3. Begin reading handouts (see above) due on Thursday.
Tues., Oct. 20
Read about a current event in Asia and post a summary and analysis of the story on your current events page. Highlight all text from entry and make it green.
Fri., Oct. 16
Read chapter excerpts from Red Scarf Girl. We will have a brief quiz over the reading.
Wed., Oct. 14
No homework due, but work on reading excerpts from Red Scarf Girl. Juniors will be taking PSATs. Seniors should come directly to class after late start (no advisor) for a shortened class period.
Fri., Oct. 9
Read handouts on the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution, answering as many questions on your handout as possible (some questions may be answered from the video segments we'll watch during Friday's class).
Wed., Oct. 7
Read about a current event in Asia and post a summary and analysis of the story on your current events page.
Monday, Oct 5
Study for a geography quiz on China, studying the colored map, handout we completed in class, and handout on ethnic diversity/political organization in China.
Thurs., Oct 1
No homework.
Tues., Sep. 29
No homework. Enjoy the weekend!
Fri., Sep. 25
Study for India/Pakistan unit test - review sheet
Wed., Sep. 23
Please read the handout about the Grameen Bank. We will discuss the article in class.
Mon., Sep. 21
Finish homework on the impact on India and the US from outsourcing jobs - links included in handout.
Thurs., Sep. 17
Please finish reading two articles about the Green Revolution and its impact on India and then answer the accompanying questions.
Tuesday, Sep. 15
Complete reading about contemporary India (Epilogue) and answer questions included in last page of packet.
Friday, Sep. 11
Read article and listen to NPR story on partition of India. Answer questions on NPR story.
Wed., Sep. 9
Read this online article about British rule in India and create a list of the 5 most important ideas (in your own words) from the article.