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Homework '13 Archive

Links for resources on elephants:

May 31
In class:
• Finish film, The Lady
- Link 1
- Link 2
- Link 3
• Debrief film
• Have fun!

May 29
In class:
• Geography quiz
• Continue film, The Lady

Homework due May 31
• None

May 24
In class:
• Learn about ethnic minority groups in Myanmar:
• Watch film, The Lady.

Homework due May 29
• Study for geography quiz on Southeast Asia.

May 22
In class:
• Discuss President Nixon's policy of Vietnamization and the spillover of the conflict to Cambodia.
• Watch segment from The Flute Player.

Homework due May 24
• Please read background information about Myanmar and activist Aung San Suu Kyi from these links:
- Myanmar background information
- Aung San Suu Kyi

May 20
In class:
• Map work on Southeast Asia.
• Discuss the causes for, and escalation of, US involvement in Vietnam.
• Watch segment from Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam.

Homework due May 22
• Please watch/read transcript form this speech Richard Nixon gave about US involvement in Vietnam.
• Read John Kerry's testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1971 about US involvement in Vietnam (blue handout from class).
• Write brief responses to these questions in a Pages document and be ready to discuss in small groups:
  1. What did Nixon believe would be the consequences of immediate U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam?
  2. What did John Kerry believe about the alleged threat that North Vietnam posed to the United States?
  3. What did Nixon mean by "Vietnamization," and what did Kerry think of this policy?

May 16
In class:
• Quiz on Korea and Japan.
• Read background information about Vietnam and the Vietnam War and respond to prompts:

Homework due May 20
• No homework for most. If you did not finish your work on the background of the Vietnam War in class, please complete it over the weekend.

• Please remember to bring in your permission slip for the film about Myanmar if you haven't already done so.

May 14
In class:
• Discuss Japanese earthquake/tsunami work from last class
• Discuss Confucius Lives Next Door readings. More recent crime statistics:

Washington Post article to read/discuss.
• Brief review of information on Korea/Japan quiz.

Homework due May 16
• Study for quiz on Korea and Japan. Review class handouts and materials.

May 10
• Consider challenges facing contemporary Japan in wake of 2011 earthquake and tsunami. On your laptop, watch two videos and explore before/after photographs using these links. Record your thoughts to questions on class handout.
PBS NOVA - Japan's Killer Quake (52 min.)
PBS NewsHour - Japan Two Years Later (6 min.)
The Atlantic - Before/After photographs

Homework due May 14
• Read Chapter 2 of Confucius Lives Next Door and answer questions on class handout.

May 8
• Learn about Japan during WWII and in contemporary times.

Homework due May 10
• Read Chapter 1 of Confucius Lives Next Door and answer questions on class handout.

May 6
• Discuss South Korea's rapid economic, political, and social development after the Korean War

Samurai exhibit - MFA
Woodblock printsand create your own
Competing visions of Commodore Perry's visit

Homework due May 8
• Complete map assignment on Korea and Japan handed out in class.
• Finish rest of reading on Japanese history provided in class. Consider the questions about Japanese imperialism and add your comment about any TWO of the three discussion questions here. You should use your school email address if prompted; please add your first name (only) to the start of your comment. I'd recommend drafting your responses in a Pages document and then copying them. Please let me know if I can provide any technical assistance.

May 2
Please check out/read these links about North Korea:
• Discuss Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism

Homework due May 6
• Read two class handouts on South Korea. If you left class without these handouts today, stop back and pick them up.
• Look for a recent news article that relates to South Korea's economy, education system, or environment (NOT all about recent tensions with North Korea). Add notes by following directions on this presentation.

Apr 30
In class:
• Review Korean War history
• Read about contemporary differences between N & S Korea
• Begin documentary, Inside North Korea

Homework due May 2
• Lucky break! Trouble posting to the wiki, so no homework.
We'll continue our work in North Korea in our next class.

Apr 26
In class:
• Brief overview - learn about Korea's ancient, medieval, and modern history

• Read except from book, Lost Names, about experience of Korean boy during Japanese occupation during WWII.

Homework due Apr 30
• Read pink handout on the Korean War.

Apr 24
In class:
• Discuss homework reading
• Review article on cybersecurity concerns.
• Deliberation/graded discussion.

Homework due Apr 26
• Study for geography quiz on China.

Apr 22
In class:
What's in store for US/China relations?
Military spending in China
China deepens economic ties with N. Korea
China/N.Korea relationship

Homework due Apr 24
• Finish reading Part II: The US/China Agenda and answer questions at back of the packet.
• Prepare for Choices Options role play.

Apr 10
In class:
• Continue film, Last Train Home. Take time to complete questions on Pages document from last class to reflect on the film.
• If time remains, begin video segment on cars in China.

No homework. Enjoy the vacation!

Apr 8
In class:
• Spend 20-30 minutes learning about Chinese New Year through these links. Open the Pages doc below. Then browse all three links - look at images and read text, and then respond to the prompts on the Pages document.
• Learn about Chinese New Year and look at some amazing pictures of celebrations!
Statistics about Chinese New Year
Migration during Chinese New Year

• Start documentary, Last Train Home, watching film as a class.

Homework due Apr 10
Begin writing reflections on film, (LastTrainHome Pages document).

Apr 4
In class:
• Watch, Please Vote For Me
• Begin reading chapter 1 of Country Driving

Homework due Apr 8
Print and hand in notes from reading of Country Driving.

Apr 2
In class:
• Current issues presentations in class

Homework due Apr 4
No homework.

Mar 29
In class:
• Current issues presentations in class
Current article on North Korea

Homework due Apr 2
• Continue work on your presentation if not completed.

Mar 27
In class:
• Time to work on current issues research

Homework due Mar 29
• Continue to research and do work on current issues presentations.

Mar 25
In class:
• Review & then take test on modern Chinese history
• Choose research topics on current issues in China (see China page of the wiki for topics)

Homework due Mar 27
• Research and find 3 relevant articles related to your chosen topic. (If working with a partner, only one of these articles can be the same/in common. Two must be different in order to broaden your knowledge base.)
• Use this Pages template to take notes on the articles you read. Print your notes before coming to class.

Mar 21
In class (class moved to Mr. Weiss' room)
• Watch documentary, China Prep
• Read following articles about the gaokao (pronounced gow-kow), China's national entrance exam
- Article 1 (Compares gaokao to SAT)
- Article 2
• On the back of your China Prep handout, write 5 bullet points in your own words about the points you found most interesting in these articles. I'll grade this as a work habits grade.

Homework due Mar 25
• Study for test over modern Chinese history through Deng Xiaoping's rule (see entry below).

Mar 19
No class - S N O W D A Y!

Mar 14
In class:
• Finish video, Tank Man
• Explore images - Tiananmen Square, Then and Now

Homework due Mar 18 (moved to 3/25 because of snow day)
• Study for test over modern Chinese history through Deng Xiaoping's rule.

Mar 12
In class:
Explore China's One Child Policy & audio slideshow
• Finish class notes - Deng Xiaoping
• "Categorize" protests
• Start Tank Man video

Homework due Mar 14
• Read chapter of Jan Wong's book, Red China Blues, about the Tiananmen Square uprising. Be prepared to share specific examples of protestor and government action during the Tiananmen Square protests in a reading quiz.

Mar 8
In class:
• Discuss One Child Policy and read current article about efforts to revise policy
• Review graph of rising population growth

Homework due Mar 12
• No homework, but may start reading chapter from Red China Blues due on 3/14.

Mar 6
In class:
• Discuss Cultural Revolution and Deng Xiaoping's reforms

Homework due Mar 8
• Learn about China's One Child policy

Mar 4
In class:
• Review homework and go more in depth on Japanese occupation during WWII and Great Leap Forward

Homework due Mar 6
• Watch 60 Minutes segment and write out:
- 2 factual questions... what do you wonder about from watching this video?
- 2 discussion questions to foster discussion with the class.

Thurs Feb. 28
In class:
• Learn about China's early modern history and relationship to the United States by reading and responding to questions. Really try to absorb this information!

Homework due Mar 4
• Be prepared for a reading quiz over the material in your text on Monday

Feb. 26
In class:
• Get grounded in China's geography!

Homework due Feb. 28
• No homework.

Feb. 15
In class:
• Unit test on India, Pakistan, Bangladesh
• Explore news from Asia and choose a current events story you're interested in (wide choice) or you may be interested in this article
• Follow directions for sharing your current event here

Enjoy your February break!

Feb. 13
In class:
• Micro-enterprise lending as a way to help "poorest of the poor" - profile Grameen Bank
• Review for unit test

Homework due Feb. 15
• Study for unit test

Feb. 11
In class:
• Go over outsourcing homework
• Comparison chart - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and US

India Rising video
• Tata Nano article - read and discuss
• Challenges for current leaders (profiles KN)

Feb. 7
In class:
• Debrief homework on Green Revolution
• Learn about outsourcing of call center and information technology (IT) jobs to India and watch Tom Friedman's documentary, The Other
Side of Outsourcing

Homework due Feb. 11
• Read updates on outsourcing to India and answer questions on your yellow handout.
Link 1 - New York Times Article
Link 2 - Economist Article

Feb. 5
In class:
• Debrief homework Mumbai attacks and make connections to conflict
in Kashmir
• Take this short quiz!
• Learn about challenges of India feeding its growing population

Homework due Feb. 7
• Finish reading and work on the Green Revolution.

Feb 1
In class:
• Debrief homework on partition
• Discuss conflict in Kashmir

• Watch video segment about conflict in Kashmir (8 minutes)
• Begin discussion on the 2008 Mumbai attacks,
India's equivalent of 9/11
• Note sheet

• Fill out notes on what happened in Mumbai using these resources:

Homework due Feb. 5
• Complete note sheet (.pdf from class) on the 2008 Mumbai attacks,
listening to news stories with links on the Pages document below.

Jan 30
In class:
• Finish Gandhi film

Homework due Feb. 1
• Download and complete Partition homework.

Jan 28
In class:
• Continue Gandhi film

Homework due Jan. 30
• Make a comment on someone else's post about Gandhi's method of nonviolence.

Jan 24
In class:
• Map quiz
• Key leaders - India's independence movement
• Begin film - Gandhi

Homework due Jan. 28
• Read essay on Gandhi's philosophy of nonviolent resistance handed out in class. At the end of the essay, there are two questions. Reply to the 2nd question next to your name on this link. (Click on the edit button on the top right side of the page and then save when finished.) Please be sure to write complete, grammatically correct sentences. Please proofread carefully.

Jan 22
In class:
• go over course guide
• mind map - Asia
• learn about geography of South Asia and of India.
• Read about colonial history of India, including the Sepoy Rebellion

Homework due Jan. 24
• Review your map for a geography quiz. You will have a word bank.