May blue/white calendar

To prepare for class on:
May 29
Read selections from chapter 2 of Confucius Lives Next Door and complete the class handout.

May 29
Study for geography quiz on Asia. This online map game may be helpful: http://www.lizardpoint.com/fun/geoquiz/asiaquiz.html
May 24
Country Study presentation due.
May 22
No class for seniors (community service day) - continue working on Country Study presentation.
May 18
Continue working on Country Study presentation.
May 16
Check Country Study page of the wiki for Keynote template and begin research on Asian country you've chosen to study. Over the next few classes, we'll have an opportunity to do some research in class & engage in other work. Presentation due next Thursday (24th).
May 14
Read role cards for deliberation on US policy toward China.
May 10
No new homework... take this time to get caught up on Country Driving if you're behind.
May 8
Complete reading from next selection of Country Driving.

May 4
Finalize current issues/China presentations. Be prepared to present at the beginning of class.
May 2
Continue researching and working on presentations about current issues in China.
April 30
Complete reading of first section of Country Driving and choose passages from this assignment:

(For those absent, a copy of the reading and a copy of the text are on the filing cabinet in my office.)
April 26
No homework.
April 24
We'll have a Tai Chi instructor visiting our class as we continue to learn about Taoism.

Enjoy your spring vacation!

April 12
No homework.
April 10
Prepare for quiz over China's modern history.
Review sheet -
April 6
1. Read second assigned chapter of Red China Blues.
2. Reading quiz over both assigned chapters of Red China Blues.
April 4
Read first assigned chapter of Jan Wong's book, Red China Blues, about the uprising in Tiananmen Square.
April 2
No new homework; we'll continue work on China's Cultural Revolution in class.
Thursday, March 29
Study for China geography quiz. Review map and class handout.
Wednesday, March 21 - Tuesday,
March 27
No homework - Juniors are out for CEP.
March 19
Please complete current events assignment (choose a current events story OR a political cartoon related to Asia). You could choose something related to an economic, social, political, or cultural issue in any Asian country (lots of choices). Click on this template for directions and posting: https://docs.google.com/a/yarmouthschools.org/presentation/d/1lmqXNe38XW5tlDrL_3DDHm-N1JlmrWTR4sfRTERt4B0/edit
Please click on this link to take a survey about participation in our exchange with students in the Philippines: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/gce-asia-post-2012
March 14
Study for unit test on India and Pakistan.

March 12
Get caught up on GCE/Philippines project if you haven't posted or added a picture(s) for week 3. Please review comments that Filipino students have added to your posts for week 2 and/or week 3 and respond to questions/comments.
March 8
To learn more about labor issues in China in advance of our guest speaker's visit, please read the articles linked on this document and choose a passage/quote that is interesting/surprising to you.
March 6
Complete reading/notes on India's Green Revolution: . When complete, email me assignment using directions at bottom of assignment.
March 2
No class - spirit week assembly.
Feb. 29
Draft a post first in a Pages document for our GCE/Philippines project - and then go ahead an post. In it, you should respond to the prompts on the top of this week's post:
1) Clubs: Are there clubs available at your school? If not, what kinds of clubs do you wish your school had? If so, which do you participate in?
2) Sports: Does your school offer sports? If not, which would you like to play? What do you play away from school? If so, which do you play at school?
3) Family life: what do you do at home? How do you help at home?

Remember, it's fine to post appropriate photos. We'll also add in some Spirit Week pictures on Wednesday and Friday!
Feb. 16
Draft a post in a Pages Doc for our GCE/Philippines project. In it, you should respond to the prompts on the top of this week's post:
1) What does a class session look like? How do your teachers teach? Do they lecture or lead discussions?
2) Take photos of yourselves participating in your favorite subjects. Why do you like them the most?
3) Socializing: When do you get to spend time with your friends at school? What does it look like? What do you talk about and do together?

Please do not post until class time tomorrow... We will have some time at the beginning of class to take photos/get feedback.
Feb. 14
Read this document about India and Pakistan's partition and choose one of Margaret Bourke-White's photos of this massive migration (directions on document).
Please use naming protocol at end of the document and email it to me using directions provided at bottom of page. (Do not need to print before class.)
Feb. 10
Read essay handed out in class, an analysis of Gandhi's philosophy of nonviolent resistance. At the end of the essay, there are two questions. Reply to the 2nd question next to your name on this link.
Feb. 8
No homework.
Feb. 6
No homework.
In class on Thursday,
Feb. 2
Step 1. Link to GCE Philippines - Please submit your school email address and create a password to join this ning.

Step 2. Please take this brief survey.

Step 3. http://education.nationalgeographic.com/education/mapping/interactive-map/?ar_a=1

Step 4. http://education.nationalgeographic.com/education/mapping/outline-map/?map=Philippines&ar_a=1

Step 5. http://asiasociety.org/countries/country-profiles/philippines