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Research Topics

• We'll also discuss used of valid sources in your work - Are social networks valid sources for news?
• Presentations will be created in Google Presentation and shared with me (done in class)

Topic 1 - China/Tibet - (Mike and Teag) What is China's recent (last 100 years) relationship with Tibet? Who is the Dalai Lama and what is his view of China/Tibet relations? What are current challenges in the relationship between China & Tibet?

Topic 2 - China/Uighurs (Ege & Brandon) - What is China's recent relationship with Uighurs (largely Muslims) in Xinjiang province? What are current challenges in this relationship?

Topic 3 - China's foreign policy (Tyler & Sam) - What is China's role in contributing and/or responding to current conflicts in Sudan and Iran? North Korea? Dispute over islands with Japan? (Could be multiple presentations)

Topic 4 - China's Environment (Lindsay and Erin - air pollution// Danielle - desertification) - What are key concerns about environmentalism in China? Is there a strong environmental movement? How is the government responding to challenges to the environment? (could be multiple presentations: focus on desertification, air pollution, water pollution, hydro power, etc.)

Desertification and interview with photojournalist -
• Toyota corporate citizenship -

Topic 5 - China/Taiwan (Gage, Danielle) - What is China's recent (last 60 years) relationship with Taiwan? What are current challenges in the relationship between China & Taiwan? Why should the US care?

Topic 6 - China's censorship policy (Amy & Jake) - How is the government dealing with the growing influence of social media?

Topic 7 - Labor practices - What are some of the challenges around labor practices in China (for example, recent criticism of Apple's manufacturing plants in China)?

Topic 8 - Leadership transition - (Griffin, Jon) There is an important leadership transition in China right now as Hu Jintao transitions away from his leadership role. Who is China's next leader? Will he follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, or is he likely to initiate important reforms?,32068,1892525237001_2126631,00.html

• Topic 9 - Other ideas?

• China's One Child policy - When was the policy developed? What is the policy? Why are some people rethinking this policy? Sophia and Gina
China's expanding military -

Chinese Philosophy

Chinese Geography

(File size is too big to upload to wiki; please see me if you need to review a copy and I'll give it to you on a thumb drive.)

Chinese History

Check out this website for a helpful overview of Chinese dynasties
Read first part about Boxer Rebellion -
Imperialism in China -
Early modern Chinese history - timeline and leader bios -
Japanese occupation of China in WWII - listen to this NPR story:

Timeline - modern China-

Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution -

Big Character Posters (Cultural Revolution) -

China under Deng Xiaoping -

More recent Chinese leaders -

China/Tibet Relations

Class work on Tuesday, April 26
Step 1. Read timeline of history of Tibet.
Step 2. In a Pages document, find a map that clearly shows Tibet as an autonomous region within China. Either on the same map or a new one, clearly indicated the city of Dharamsala, India where the Dalai Lama lives in exile.
Step 3. Read your assigned segment of the Dalai Lama's 5-point peace plan for Tibet. Take bulleted notes first on the most important points raised in your segment, then group with others to learn about the other plans for peace.
Step 4. Go to this website( to watch a New York Times video about the Dalai Lama. On your Pages document from Step 2 with your maps of Tibet, write down the 2 most important ideas you heard in this video segment.
Step 5. The Chinese government has promoted a policy of resettlement of Han Chinese into Tibet. Please read this article about the relationship between Han Chinese living in Tibet and the native Tibetan people. On your Pages document, summarize in your own words what you considered to be 5 key points from this article.
    • If you do not finish, please finish as homework.**


US exports to China grow:
Import-Export data:

Environmental Challenges

Efforts to curb pollution (April 2011 - Newshour report)

Watch the full episode. See more PBS NewsHour.
air pollution -
air pollution - (see a number of tabs) and follow up:
video - health effects -
Drought - and desertification - (video of Inner Mongolia) - check website for other resources
Water pollution -

Chinese Modern History