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Economic Growth in India
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Terrorist Attack on Mumbai
Current Leaders


Please read this document, listen to contemporary scholars discuss the importance of the partition in terms of Indian-Pakistani relationships today, and view primary source photographs - Margaret Bourke White's photos from the era.

Gandhi (In class on Wednesday, 2/8)

Mughal and Colonial History (In class on Monday, 2/6)
• series of emperors and expanding/contracting territory from 1526-1857
• view this link of the Taj Mahal (1.5 minute video clip):


Maps! (In class on Tuesday, Jan. 31)

• Please click on this link to take a short quiz!

On Thin Ice - PBS NOW documentary on melting glaciers in India and Montana

Bangladesh Mutiny - BBC Q & A

Outsourcing/Growing Middle Class in India

Green Revolution Webquest

Please open this document to read about the Green Revolution and its successes and challenges in India. Answer the questions on the handout, using the links provided.

Review Sheet - Quiz on History and Geography

Challenges in Pakistan

CNN interview with Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani about US foreign policy in the region, conflict in Kashmir, and the official response to the Mumbai attacks.